The Children’s Situation

We currently take care of around 40 vulnerable children from age 6 to 15. Most of them are schooling at the Elifas #Goseb Primary School in Hakahaseb. These children, many of them orphans, live in extreme poverty in Usakos’ locations of Hakhaseb, Saamstaan and Okulumbashe.

Most people have to survive with less than 1 Euro per day. The little money can hardly cover food, school fees, school uniform, books and health care.

No running water, no electricity, HIV/Aids, TB and other diseases as well as alcoholism among the adult community and cases of abuse are challenging the daily lives of these children.

Our vision

We aim to help orphans and vulnerable children in Usakos.
UNCSO is a project to help children between 6 and 15 years old.
The children are supported regarding food, education, care and family life.