You will interact with the children everyday in many ways. These children can battle with problems or emotions.
You will work in a team. This situation demands a good attitude to work and live together.

The problems children can battle with:

  • HIV/Aids and other diseases
  • Death of family, friends or parents
  • Poverty and lack of hygiene
  • Hunger
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Lack of education
  • Sexual abuse
  • Problems with friends and family
  • Problems with parent or foster parent involvement
  • Want of needs as food, school uniform. school fees, schoolbooks, winter clothes etc.

Conditions for good teamwork:

  • High commitment
  • Positive motivation
  • Feeling of empathy with the problems of the children
  • Good care of the entrusted children
  • Cultural empathy for Namibian traditions
  • Cooperation with the other volunteers
  • Acceptance for the foreign life and culture
  • Thoughtfulness for the family where you live
  • Compliance with the rules in the family where you live

Memorandum of Understanding

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We must have the patience to counsel and understand the child. Support the children to recognise themselves and their strengths. It is a process that is based on clear principles with rules and limits. That helps them to find their own solution.