Welcome to the Usakos Needy Children Support Organization

Usakos Needy Children Support Organization

UNCSO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization striving for a better environment for the children in the community of Usakos.
The project takes place in the small town of Usakos, Erongo, Namibia.
We care for orphans and vulnerable children whose extended families do not have the means e.g. financially to take care of the children.
With great engagement we do everything improving the livelihood of the needy children for a better and prospective future.
The project is supported by donations and realized through the project coordinator Mrs. Marianne Izaaks and the great support of volunteers.

Short news from UNCSO
The end of the first school 2017 is here, we were able to enroll 55 kids for the new school year. After the very dry drought of more than 5 years, most parts of Namibia received very good rain. The Khan River was flooded. The projects undertaken this quarter were successfully completed. I would like to extend my gratitude to all donors and volunteers, without you, it would not be possible. With your contribution we were able to make many children’s hearts happy so we want to thank all donors and volunteers for their wonderful work. A cheer or appreciation to our donors. Visitors this quarter it was great to have you here.
Appreciation can make a day even change a life.
Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary
Greetings Marianne

We also lost one of our beloved mothers in the centre. Late Lena joined UNCSO in 2008 and was the first cooking and cleaning woman. Until her death she was the supervisor in the kitchen as well as our needlework department. We will miss her. May her soul rest in peace. We want to thank everyone who assisted and supported us during this time of grief.
Last but not least we want to extend my gratitude to all volunteers, their families and Ingrid and August Pfannkuchen, as without you it would not have been possible. Also a special thanks to DNG and their entire team for your support and assistance. Also very special thanks to HILFE NAMIBIA for their support.

I’m looking forward to another term with new challenges and active, lovable volunteers.

For now I would like to wish all of you a well and lucky time
Yours Marianne Izaaks

For more information please have a look at the Newsletter 1/2017 of the Volunteers…

Interview Social Entrepreneur Marianne Izaaks with Sophia Fassbender

startseite_marianne     startseite_lena_2009   startseite_lena_marianne

Center Work                                                   Lena 2009                                                                       Marianne and Lena


The new management team consists of Mr. Eriki Simeon, chairman, his deputy Mr. Izak Izaaks, financial manager Mr. Evaristus Muyeghu,
the secretary Mrs. Pamela Simeon, the representative of the parents Mrs. Johanna Khaises the representative of the school Mr. Kham and
not least the project manager Mrs. Marianne Izaaks.

Our special thanks go to our new colleagues, who voluntarily work for UNCSO during their free time. We are looking forward to a good and confidential cooperation.

A big thanks from Christian Wilken – volunteer at the second term 2014
I miss Marianne’s powerful style of speaking Afrikaans to a child’s parent and translating it afterwards in English for us volunteers.
I miss small Usakos with its supermarket, the treehouse restaurant with its delicious burgers (in case there are buns), the butchery just around the corner with its great biltong.
I miss the view to the old water tower and the steam engine in the city center, which seem to melt under the hot sun.
I also miss our tour guide Hannelie and the kind Andrew, who both showed us some of the nicest places of Namibia. Thanks to Marianne we got to know these two outstanding persons.  All these memories are irreplaceable and now when I look back at this essay it actually helped to freeze them in my mind.

Thank you Marianne and thank you Agnes, Loloki, Elisabeth, Selma, Hope, Melody, Natasha, Sally, Bibi, Michael, Michelle X, Michelle E, Desi, Palomida, Markus, Margret, David, Steven, Jack, Denzel, Jenny, Chaminda, Cherolda, Frieda, Jakob, Chantel, Rejoice, Rauna, Jan, Frans, Stanley, Andreas, Amor, Martha, Andreas, Pomwene, Alison, Innocent, Taleni, Aletha, Glenda, Grace, Shoudin, Lukas. Thank you so so much – It was just amazing.
For every one who considers visiting the UNCSO to collect a smile from so many special kids and a strong woman, I just can recommend to hit the road as soon as possible. It’s worth it.


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